My short story…the final chapter.

Phan Rang Bay in Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam.

Homeward Bound

My experience on Earth did not turn out the way I had expected. I had traveled here to enlighten the planet. To see how I could help these backward people, several hundred millennia behind our intelligence, get on the right path. Their governments were out of whack, their warring between one another was unnatural, their infatuation with nuclear bombs unfathomable, and their ultimate demise seemed to be the road they were on. We had hoped to prevent their destruction, and quite possibly ours if we could help them make better decisions in our shared solar system.

Somewhere, though, on the way there, I became sidetracked with this thing they called religion. This belief system that ran so counter to ours grabbed hold of me. The three religions I learned about, Hinduism, Daoism, and Islam, gave me a feeling of, what the people I met had called, enlightenment. And, it all began when I started studying the transmissions from the first country I visited, India, and their Hindu religion. If not for that, I would have come here to serve my purpose. Now, heading back home, I had failed to deliver my message, and instead was taking their message of religion back to my planet. I had a great fear of how the leaders of my world would react to my failures.

I began transmissions back to my planet as quickly as I was able to, which didn’t take long. Once out of Earth’s orbit, I was able to contact my planet. It wasn’t long after I made contact that I began to realize how my experiences on Earth would impact me.

Throughout our planet’s history we had always been led by the ‘Three’. They had always been there, from the time anyone could remember, from the time our history began. No one questioned them; no one knew where they came from or who they were. They provided structure, and balance. Everything came from them. Our science, our knowledge, everything. Even when the great minds first came together to create the Dark Veil to shield our planet, the ‘Three’ were involved. It was never questioned how they could exist all this time, for all these millennia. We had never had war among our people, no one had ever questioned who the ‘Three’ were. Our planet had always been stable, no one ever had a reason to complain, everyone had all their needs taken care of, and everyone seemed happy.

Now it was time for me to answer to the ‘Three’. It wasn’t often that they meddled in our daily lives; in fact it was extremely rare. For the most part, unless our leaders had questions that couldn’t be answered, the ‘Three’ were never consulted. But it was deemed that my travels would be under their watchful eye, and I would answer ONLY to them.

So it began, and so it would end for me, with the ‘Three’.

The transmissions began innocently enough. How did I find the planet Earth to be, what was it like, what did I learn from my discussions with the leaders of the countries I met with? During this exchange was when I entered in my information of how I had discovered religion from them. After this entry, it seemed like an eternity…even though it was only hours, before I received another response.

The ‘Three’ broke their silence by asking me why I diverted from my mission. It was then that I told them of the transmissions I had studied about the first country I would visit, and how in those transmissions I had learned of something called ‘Hinduism’. I told them how a large part of the population of India took part in this ritual, and how I had then decided to study this on the planet Earth’s own system of transmissions called the ‘internet’. Again, they broke off their discussions with me for what again seemed like forever.

Finally, after another wait of several hours, I was asked why I had taken it upon myself to access Earth’s ‘internet’ system, and in frustration I pleaded with them that I didn’t know it was forbidden for me to do so. It was then that the tone in their transmissions changed. The ‘Three’ wanted me to share my experiences with them, and finally I felt some relief.

I had my concerns that since I had not fulfilled my directive, there would be some issues, but now that their transmissions had taken a softer, more understanding tone, I felt it was my duty to let my planet know that there still might be some hope for the people on the planet called Earth. It was then that I began to tell my story about each person I met, and what they had shared with me.

I told them about the old man in India who had shared Hinduism with me. How this religion teaches us about Brahman or Atman, which is the highest state in the universe, for a person of Hindu faith. It is what a Hindu strives for. It is the ultimate divine reality, a reality of pure consciousness of everything around you. It may take many lives to reach this state. How living many lives over and over again is known as Karma, and one might have to do this to achieve Brahman before someone has finally reached a full life of enlightenment. Living a life of compassion, of understanding of others, of ourselves, and of everything around us is all a part of becoming Brahman. I shared my thoughts that this could be something we might take away from the humans, that they have this ability to have compassion for each other, even when times were at their worst.

After sharing a small part of what I learned about the Hindu religion with the ‘Three’, I turned to my second lesson with the young boy in Indonesia, and my learning about the Islam religion. How this religion shared some of the same traits as the Hindu religion. How Islam began with the teachings of Muhammed. But, I shared with them that there was also a stark difference in Islam where there was only one God, Allah, and in the Hindu religion there were many, so many, in fact, that they were almost uncountable. Also, with the Islam religion, one should ALWAYS know that Allah is the ONLY God, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

I told them how compassion, supporting people in need, and caring about all living things are some of the principals that both the Hindu religion and Islam share. In fact, one of the three most basic fundamental pillars of the Islam religion is that one should always take care, and help people that are hungry, destitute, or in need our help. This is one of the messages of Allah.

Lastly, I sent them my transmissions of my time spent with the woman in China, and my experiences with her and the Taoist beliefs. Again, there was the same common thread of compassion, and helping people in need. But unlike the other two, there really wasn’t some god like entity. The Taoists do have deities, but nothing that really reached to the level of a supreme being. The Taoist people did have more similarities though, I told them, with the Hindu religion than with Islam in the philosophy of it. Both Hinduism and Taoism at times made no sense, and yet made great sense. How both taught that being actively inactive was most important! I laughed when sending this transmission, remembering my difficulties in trying to understand this philosophy, and knowing how it would be completely lost on the people of my world, and the ‘Three’.

I had hoped by sharing these three religions to my leaders, my world, and to the ‘Three’, that they might see the people of Earth as a people of hope, of understanding, of being worthy of saving. How compassion ran deep, how helping the downtrodden was of great importance to all of the followers of these faiths. I might not have expressed to the Earthlings the concerns of my world to them, and may have failed in what I was to accomplish, but maybe the, the people of Earth, could create a change in my world.

It was then that I realized this was not to be. It was then that I received my last transmission from the ‘Three’. It was then that I knew what would come next.

The transmission began quite innocently enough…

Agnon, the transmission read, please understand what happens next was not totally unexpected. We were not exactly sure how the mission would go, as this would be our planet’s first physical encounter with the people of Earth. But unfortunately, there was a time, a time before the history of the last 300 millennium that our people know nothing of.

It was a time when on our planet, we too had religion. In fact we had many religions, just like the planet you visited, Earth. What is also unfortunate is that you only spent a brief time on Earth, and you only encountered three religions. You do not know of the history surrounding religion on that planet. You do not know what has transpired in the name of religion, there.

For centuries, that planet has fought war after war after war in the name of religion, and it seems that they have never learned from it. Today, they are still fighting each other in the name of religion, and it is our belief that they will never stop!

Before the time that our people know, before anyone can ever remember, religion created the same problems on our planet. In fact our planet was almost lost in a great war fought over religion. No one survived that war, but us. And the reason we survived is because we are devoid of physical bodies. We are unlike anything anyone can comprehend. We are the creators, we are possibly what some on Earth might consider a god, but we are unlike their gods. We were able to take cells and repopulate the world you know, the world you grew up in, and the world you lived in.

It was unexpected that you would learn about religion on your voyage. It was thought, by us, that the transmissions received from Earth were wiped clean of any mention of religion. We did not expect you to understand or comprehend religion, but somehow when you came upon the transmissions from India, we failed in deleting all mention of Hinduism. This was our mistake. We failed, just as you failed. We cannot have you come back home with the possibility that you will share your thoughts on these beliefs. And so it is with great sorrow that we have to do what we do next.

Agnon’s ship was still close enough to Earth that when it exploded, it lit up the night sky and left the old man, Rishaan, and Chenguang wondering what they had just seen. The three of them had a feeling of deep sorrow, but couldn’t understand why.


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