Some of my own personal travel observations…


As my website says, I am into travel and photography, in either order! I am all about adventure, too.

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  1. halflunatic says:

    I was travelling short term that’s why I decided to exchange currencies on the airport and didn’t want to get in the hassle of finding exchange stalls and would rather roam around HAHAHAHA Easily distinguished peso from your leftover currencies, you should have exchanged that to $$!! That’s a loooot!!

    • Jay says:

      Yep, definitely, Leah, I totally agree with you on the short term, as it’s faster! I should have specified that for short term, it might be too much of a hassle. For someone staying longer term, like maybe one or two months in a country, I would suggest searching for the best rate! Oh, I’m saving my pesos for my next trip, if I am hungry and waiting for a ride from my sister-in-law or a friend, I have pesos for lots of food and no need to change money, haha.

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