There’s more to Phuket than its world class beaches…


As my website says, I am into travel and photography, in either order! I am all about adventure, too.

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4 Responses

  1. John Henry says:

    Hi Jay
    Remember me from EC? You’ve become quite a good writer, I always enjoy your blogs, and I’m glad you found something beyond the construction field.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks, John, I really appreciate the feedback, I am so happy you enjoy my posts! It’s great to get some feedback, and it definitely gives me more motivation to continue. Again, I REALLY appreciate your kind words about my stories! I will be posting some video and a LOT more photos to my photo gallery. I am just finishing up a work station with a new IPS monitor for more quality editing and have a lot of video to go through on this last trip. I hope you enjoy my future posts, photos, and video!

  2. halflunatic says:

    I’m sure you’ve inspired a couple of your friends to go after something they’ve dreamt of, Jay! Ughhh i miss meeting new people. Until then, i’ll be traveling vicariously also through your blogs HAHA

    • Jay says:

      Ah, thanks for the kind words as always, Leah! I hope I have motivated one or two people, haha. I know the feeling, I miss meeting all the fellow travelers, and especially miss hanging out with you, I hope next time I am on the road we can meet up, and maybe if we are lucky enough, we can catch up to Christine, too! I am also vicariously traveling through my blogs again, too, lol. Thanks again for your comments, it means a LOT to me!!!

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