my reflection Cheung Chau

Selfie shot on the island of Cheung Chau near Hong Kong

I would like to welcome everyone to my website…I really hope my site will be helpful to many of you. I am very passionate about traveling, and I have learned that traveling around the world can bring me some of the most amazing experiences I will ever have in my life. I hope many of you will take that step and try traveling to new countries, and new continents, like I did. I don’t think you will ever regret it, I know I haven’t.

Meeting new people, learning new cultures, eating new food, figuring out how to get around, understanding the currency, and all the other everyday necessary needs and desires are some of the most exciting parts of traveling. Some of these things can be a bit overwhelming…like how do I get OUT of the airport and to my destination without getting scammed by a taxi driver, or maybe even getting on the wrong bus! Where should I exchange my money? Is the food okay to eat? Will I get sick?

I am excited to write about all of these things, and by telling you about my experiences I might even help some of you, by letting you know what I did right OR wrong. I’m hoping while I write about all of these things, I can make it fun, helpful, and interesting! So I hope you will sign up for my blogs and stay in touch. I hope to hear from some of you, especially if my stories motivate you to travel! If anyone would like, please feel free to “Like” my Facebook page, jaydtravelphotog, where you will always be notified of any new posts to my blog, and where you can also leave comments and thoughts about my posts from¬†“My Travel Blog” page.

Victoria Peak, looking out over Hong Kong and Kowloon on the mainland side.

Victoria Peak, looking out over Hong Kong and Kowloon on the mainland side.

At some point in time I will also be adding a cart to sell my photos, like the photo below of Hong Kong. Anything anyone would like in My Image Gallery will also be for sale, upon request. I have many, many photos from more recent trips to South East Asia that I have not added yet, and they will also be made available in my cart and my gallery, so please continue to check my website for updated photos.

I am also going to include some of my photos from the Pacific Northwest and northern California. I hope everyone enjoys the photos I have taken. I really enjoy showing what the inner cities are like, along with some of the more beautiful landscapes of the countries I have visited.

Me, Thi Ha, and Vineyard owner

Me, Ha, and vineyard owner Ba Moi

I would also like to provide everyone a link on my “Welcome Page” to a website of a great friend of mine. Ha Nguyen is from Vietnam, and is an aspiring tour guide. She is an awesome person and I would trust her with my life. She took me to a lot of great places around Vietnam, along with her partner Hoa Quan. The two of them are also amazing at navigating the crazy, busy, motorbike filled streets of Ho Chi Minh City, and can give you the experience of a lifetime. My hope is if any of my followers travel to Vietnam, you will check out their service. So, without further ado, here is a link to Ha’s site: wearefamilytours.com.

To wrap things up here, I would again like to welcome everyone to my website, welcome to my blog, and as I mentioned above, I hope I can convince some of you to take the plunge…there’s really nothing quite like a new adventure to a far away, exotic country across the world from where we live!